We design all our Workshops keeping class sizes small to easily accommodate different capabilities. Collaboration and group discussion are a very important part of our Workshop structure and each participant is treated as an important contributor to each creative process. We are all (mostly) social creatures and age seems no barrier to the sharing of common interests & often innovative interactions that transpire throughout our workshops.

Drawing is any mark deliberately made onto a surface....

  • School Holiday Workshops



Hello SUMMER we’ve been waiting for you!

Come join me for a week of Workshops during these delicious days of Summer where we’ll capture some Curiosities & Collections in an Artist’s Notebook of Summer, calmly create some Cool Collages, illustrate some stories about what happens when we See SEAGULLS, look and draw Once Upon a Summer Sky ... and all Scream for ICE-CREAM! I look forward to creating a Summer Oasis behind the doors of the Gallery Space at the Addison Road Community Centre and welcoming everyone to share their drawing stories of these l-o-n-g, l-a-z-y Summer holidays.

Curiosities & Collections an Artist’s Notebook of Summer

Whenever I go adventuring over the Summer Holidays, be it Beach or Bush, I take a Sketch Book. For me the Holidays are the perfect time to slow down & look around, beach comb, bush walk or just sit in the shade watching the world go by, and sketching is a perfect lazy Summer day activity, a way to take ‘visual’ notes about what we’ve seen & collected over the Summer. In this Workshop we’ll slow right down & look at some Summer curiosities & collections, describing what we see through lines, shapes, colours, patterns & textures, we’ll explore DRAWING in different ways using a range of techniques & mediums. As we work our way through the day we’ll build an amazing & unique Artist’s notebook of what Summer looks like to us!

Ages 5+

Monday 15th Jan 10:00 - 4:00

Cool Collages

I like to think the creative compositions of collage are almost endless. The layering, positioning & repositioning of shapes, colours and textures mean we can spend some precious time purely devoted to ways of working. Drawing with scissors and a mix of mediums, this Workshop is dedicated to Summer PLAY and DRAWING processes. We’ll get to experiment with ink applications and drawing doodles to create a collage that calls to us of cool, calm Summer places and lets us visually experience what it’s like to be inside a feeling.

Ages 5+

Tuesday 16th Jan 10:00 - 4:00


The Silver Gull has a white head, tail and underparts (not underpants), with a light grey back and black-tipped wings. In adult birds the bill, legs and eye-ring are bright orange-red & that is one of the many reasons I love drawing them! I’ve run a few Workshops featuring this quintessential bird of the beach & each time I get flooded with stories of stolen chips, runaway burgers & flashmobs appearing, seemingly out of nowhere, at the slightest sound of paper rustling. SO … this Workshop is dedicated to telling those stories in all their graphic illustrative glory in praise of these majestic thieves & their connection to our endless Summers. Watch out Jonathan Livingston Seagull now we’re telling our side of the story.

Ages 5+

Wednesday 17th Jan 10:00 - 4:00

Once Upon a Summer Sky ...

At the end of a Summer’s Day the sky comes alive, signalling the end of another adventure (real or imagined) on the road or on the couch. I still stop and marvel when the sky puts on a spectacular display & everything gets silhouetted against the orange pinks of the heat haze. Sometimes it cools down, sometimes it doesn’t. The way the sky changes throughout a Summer’s day can be slow, calm & serene or sudden, chaotic & dramatic, the colours signalling what weather lays ahead for the next few minutes or hours but rarely days. In this Workshop we will explore and experiment with DRAWING approaches, mediums & methods, traversing the colours of the sky across the page as a visual guide to the memory of a Summer’s day from dawn to dusk.

Ages 5+

Thursday 18th Jan 10:00 - 4:00

I Scream for ICE-CREAM!

I’ve realised most of my Drawing Workshops this Summer rely on Visual Story Telling & well, this one is no exception. This one is dedicated to all the Summer Ice-creams we have known, lost & loved or even wish existed. Whether from the Ice-cream van, the beach side cafe, the corner shop or our very own freezers, I believe the beauty of this ice-cold confection, in all its glorious forms, deserves a whole day dedicated to the pure wonder it instils in us when we drink it in with our eyes, take the first taste and are drawn into its miracle. Poster, postcard, menu or memoir this day is dedicated to deliciousness!

This Workshop is specifically designed for older kids and is the perfect way to experiment with different types of drawing & drawing mediums.

Ages 10+

Friday 19th Jan 10:00 - 4:00