We design all our Workshops keeping class sizes small to easily accommodate different capabilities. Collaboration and group discussion are a very important part of our Workshop structure and each participant is treated as an important contributor to each creative process. We are all (mostly) social creatures and age seems no barrier to the sharing of common interests & often innovative interactions that transpire throughout our workshops.

Drawing is any mark deliberately made onto a surface....

  • School Holiday Workshops



These Autumn Holidays come follow your animal guide & journey through a gateway between different worlds in Animal Antics & Pop-Up Portals, create A Little Book of BIG & small by getting down amongst the leaves, learn about the importance of chicken’s earlobes in The Chicken or The Egg? and, if you are over 10, learn to build a layered drawing Without a Trace! Can’t wait to get cosy inside the StirrUP Gallery at the Addison Road Community Centre, surrounded by a little warmth & a lot of creative energy this April – come draw with me!


Animal Antics & Pop-Up Portals

If you have ever wished a Portal could pop-up anywhere, anytime, or that you could travel through a gateway to a parallel universe, this is the Workshop for you! Let your imagination roam wild as we explore texture, composition, and colour to create two very diverse worlds using distinctly different drawing techniques, approaches & mediums. You’ll also create your very own animal traveller to move through, between and around your Pop-Up Portal just to confirm anything is possible in the context of a drawing! As for the antics the animals get up, this is completely up to you …

Ages 5+

Monday 11th April 10:00 - 4:00

A Little Book of BIG & small

Ever lay on your belly in the grass, with or without a magnifying glass, & looked closely at everything going on? In the words of Rachel Tonkin in her exquisitely illustrated book Leaf Litter, “… If you look closely you will discover a world of animals and plants living side by side, a busy secret world we hardly see … the more you look the more amazing things you will find”. In this Workshop we will dig down amongst the leaves & grass to see what we can see & draw those who live amongst it and those who are merely passing through. We will build our own little foldaway book of things big and small as we draw this macro world in ink, pencil, watercolour and collage including our own animal occupants to oversee it all!

Ages 5+

Tuesday 12th April 10:00 - 4:00

The Chicken or The Egg?

This Workshop was such a success the first time I ran it that it’s back again just in time for Easter!
Did you know there are more chickens on earth than people and that the colour of a chicken’s eggs depends on the colour of her earlobes (red earlobes equals brown eggs, white earlobes mean white eggs)? Chickens also have prehistoric roots and are the closest living relative of the Tyrannosaurus Rex which may go some way to answering THAT age-old question. There will be talk of chickens, there will be talk of eggs, there may even be talk of Dinosaurs, but rest assured there will be plenty of poultry inspired drawing as we use graphite, inks, watercolour, and salt to make some fantastic feathery fowls and look closely at the humble egg. What better excuse do you need to spend the day drawing chickens.

Ages 5+

Wednesday 13th April 10:00 - 4:00

Without a Trace!

I often talk about ‘building’ a drawing & that’s exactly what we will be doing in this Workshop filled with luscious layers and misty mysteries. We’ll look at how composition, colour, silhouettes, and shapes can create an illusion where drawing in 2D feels like it’s telling a story in 3D. Using Ink, Fine Liner, and Colour Pencil we’ll compose & compile our way, scene by scene, to a final filmic still which traces our way through the day layer by layer.

This Workshop is specifically designed for older kids and is the perfect way to learn about, and experiment with, composition.

Ages 10+

Thursday 14th April 10:00 - 4:00