We design all our Workshops keeping class sizes small to easily accommodate different capabilities. Collaboration and group discussion are a very important part of our Workshop structure and each participant is treated as an important contributor to each creative process. We are all (mostly) social creatures and age seems no barrier to the sharing of common interests & often innovative interactions that transpire throughout our workshops.

Drawing is any mark deliberately made onto a surface....

  • School Holiday Workshops



These Summer Holidays come join the Animal Parade in ANIMALS ON THE MOVE, compose a maritime treasure HI -STORY by drawing POSTCARDS FROM A BEACHCOMBER, become a FACE MAKER & create a beautiful gallery catalogue of unusual portraits. Revel in the mystery & magic of creating ONE IMAGE with SIX MEDIUMS in SIX HOURS, and if you are over 10, get the INSIDE STORY on how to draw in a way that connects viewers to visual stories. I honestly can not wait to be back in the StirrUP Gallery at the Addison Road Community Center, surrounded by creative energy again this Summer – I have deeply missed all that is the Drawn To Seeing Holiday Workshops – see you in January!

Animals On The Move

Thank goodness the Animals are on the move again (after their forced Winter/Spring lock down hibernation)! In this Workshop it does not matter if you are winged, finned, feathered, or furred - ALL are welcome in this Animal Parade. We’ll spend the day looking closely at how shape & pattern are so important in defining and drawing the many different creatures in the animal kingdom and how often what you ‘wear’ can be crucial to helping you hide in your habitat. By the end of the day, we’ll have created our own perfectly beautiful beasts BUT you might have to look very closely to catch these Articulated Animals on the move.

Ages 5+

Monday 17th January 10:00 - 4:00

Postcards from a Beachcomber

Let’s uncover some stories of Summer inspired by the treasures of the sea washed up on the sunny shores of our imaginations! Using objects from the Drawn to Seeing beachcomber collection as inspiration, we’ll create an illustrated story derived from creatively combined compilations. Through the day we will weave our stories by drawing visual threads together, connecting objects & creating HI-STORIES worthy of telling and retelling by any seafarer or seagull.

Ages 5+

Tuesday 18th January 10:00 - 4:00

Face Makers

To look at the myriad of methods artists have used throughout history to represent the human face offers a wonderful opportunity to enter the fascinating world of Portraiture. From hyperrealism to abstract expressionism (and everything in-between) Artists have given us a glimpse into how they see themselves and others through their Art & throughout History. In this Face Makers Workshop, we’ll get to create a series of facial feature blocks, noses, eyes, mouths & ears, using a variety of mediums, styles and approaches, we’ll then arrange, rearrange, shuffle, swap, draw & redraw them to create a beautiful little gallery catalogue of fabulous made-up faces!

Ages 5+

Wednesday 19th January 10:00 - 4:00

One Image, Six Mediums, Six Hours

Ever wanted to draw with many mediums, Water Colour Pencils, Biro’s, Fine Liners, Oil Pastels, Inks, & Coloured Pencils, all in one day & all in one drawing? Well … now is your chance! Over six hours, come explore & experiment with six mediums & a swag of techniques to create one single image which will be puzzled together on the page. It will be a little bit mysterious, a little bit magic & a whole lot of fun.

Ages 5+

Thursday 20th January 10:00 - 4:00

Inside Story

Did you know that drawing familiar, everyday objects and scenes is a way of connecting viewers/readers to visual stories? Did you also know you can get some very cool visual effects by smart combinations of composition, perspective, line work & colour choices? In this Workshop we’ll be drawing the inside story of the everyday by looking at the way artists, cartoon illustrators & graphic novelists draw us in & make us feel a part of their character’s worlds & their character’s stories. I think you’ll be surprised by how interesting things actually are when you start to look at them VERY closely, and what stories you can tell through clever observational drawing

This Workshop is specifically designed for older kids and is the perfect way to experiment with drawing.
(Image: Juriko Kosaka)

Ages 10+ 

Friday 21st January 10:00 - 4:00