We design all our Workshops for School age kids 5 and up – keeping class sizes small to easily accommodate different age ranges & capabilities. Collaboration and group discussion are a very important part of our Workshop structure and each child is treated as an important contributor to each creative process. Kids are wonderfully social creatures and age seems no barrier to the sharing of common interests & often innovative interactions that transpire throughout our workshops.

Drawing is any mark deliberately made onto a surface....


AUTUMN, 2017

Monday 10th  April – Thursday 13th April (Friday 14th April is Good Friday)

WINTER, 2017

Monday 3rd  July –  Friday 7th July

SPRING, 2017

Monday 25th September –  Friday 29th September



Calling all Troglophiles join us for the day as we draw and explore the mysterious subterranean world of Caverns and Caves. We have an awesome collection of Crystals, Rocks and Mineral specimens to draw from as we replicate the towering structures of Stalactites, Stalagmites & Pillars and the beautifully detailed texture of Fossil Floors. Come along and create your very own layered Cave Drawing in a box!

(Monday April 10th 10:00-4:00)


There's something in the air as we draw our way through a creative exploration of the symbiotic relationship that exists between Humans & Trees. Running in conjunction with HUMAN: The Child Artist Response Project Exhibition (Manly Art Gallery & Museum, April 7th – 21st May) Sketch Books will hold within their pages a series of drawings made in response to the simple act of BREATHING with a little dash of science, a large dose of imagination and an audible inhalation & exhalation.

(Tuesday April 11th 10:00-4:00)

NO MISTAKES – Evolution of a Drawing

It’s true we can learn from our mistakes but we can also transform our slip-ups, drips, rips, tears, scrapes, smudges, blots & blunders into new & unexpected doodles & drawings. Watch your drawings evolve as we play with thrown ink, scribbling in & rubbing out, cutting, collaging, marks & mark-making to discover new worlds lurking within the lines, patterns and shapes on our papers.

(Wednesday April 12th 10:00-4:00)


In Curious Beasts and Mechanical Creatures we’ll be turning the clock way way back to an age before electricity! Think Animal Machine Hybrids, Automatons, Robotic Creatures and throw a little bit of Steampunk into the mix. You’ll need all your creative skills as we Design, Collage and Draw the Blueprints for some Fantastic Beasts! (image: Nick Ward, Jakeman’s Patented Steam-powered Rhinoceros)

(Thursday April 13th 10:00-4:00)