Drawing Workshops

Practical & creative drawing programs & workshops run by Robyn Chiles - artist and art educator.

Drawn To Seeing runs process based programs & workshops with a focus on approaches to drawing through observation and mark making.

Participants get to explore a range of drawing techniques, experimenting with a variety of drawing mediums while being encouraged to refine their skills in observation and observational drawing.

Workshops take place at the Drawn To Seeing Hut or the StirrUp Gallery located in the Addison Road Community Centre (ARCC), Marrickville, in Sydney's Inner West, providing a safe, creative environment.

Drawing Programs & Drawing Workshops are:

By giving people access to programs & workshops in a creative space, focusing on process and experimentation, participants gain the practical experience, skills and knowledge to enable & encourage them to explore their own visual expression.


The Foundation of Drawn To Seeing:

In 2013 Drawn To Seeing was founded by Angela Hutchings & Robyn Chiles who, as Fine Arts graduates, Art Educators, and mothers, wanted to provide exciting and innovative artistic drawing programs through a series of practical & creative workshops.

Angela & Robyn came together because of a shared belief that by bringing people into a creative space and treating them as art students, they were providing a unique learning experience and environment to develop & foster the experimentation & exploration of a range of drawing approaches, techniques & materials.

In 2019 Drawn To Seeing passed into the hands of Robyn who is now responsible for the continuation of Drawn To Seeing’s vision, leadership, programming & the guidance of students through their drawing experiments & explorations.


About Robyn:

As an experienced workshop facilitator, artist and arts educator Robyn draws on her Fine Arts and Bachelor of Science background to provide practical (& often scientifically curious) approaches to drawing.

A love of botanical drawing & natural illustration, combined with bowerbird leanings, sees the spaces Drawn to Seeing inhabit, turn into a mini Natural History Museum.

Due to her continuing drawing project 'Drawing FOUND THINGS', she has become a stick, feather and natural object collector. A bird spotter and an urban roamer & forager!