Our Drawing Workshops aim to engage children with art, building ways of seeing and exploring their world through drawing.

Drawing is any mark deliberately made onto a surface....


By encouraging kids to really look at the world around them & refine their skills in observation & in-turn observational drawing, we are able to get back to the basics of drawing with kids, while introducing them to the many principles, approaches and techniques of drawing. It’s a beautiful World to see (& draw).


Experimentation & exploration is second nature to many kids. Experimenting with different drawing media & techniques is a way of finding things out, of seeing how they work (or don’t work!) & look. Discovering & understanding how to use line, shape, form, colour & tone in drawing gives kids a glimpse into the many ways of approaching visual expression.


Taking the real & making it uniquely unreal is something kids do best. We encourage all of the above through exploration and application to visualise these unique universes.